Little is known about Leanne Sarah Holland. Apart from the fact that she was brutally murdered at 12 years of age. She did not deserve to have her short life taken so brutally. No one does. What we do know is her mother left the family when Leanne was about 12 months of age. At the time of her death she was in grade 8 at the local high school and appeared an average student. Leanne had two siblings Melissa and Craig. Her father Terry took on the job of raising her. Terry was employed in a local business that made car batteries, his was a blue collar job. He has been described as an alcoholic and there are claims he did not properly supervise Leanne. We do not propose to debate the accuracy of those comments. The issue does have some relevance though as to whether Leanne visited him in hotels at night and whether she was seeing boys prior to her death. Terry Holland has since died. As has Craig Holland. Melissa Holland has declined all requests to discuss the matter by everyone, including reporters since the trial. Other family members have spoken to media and their comments can be read in the media section of the website.