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An indepth examination of the Redacted Review finally received from QPS.

After 6 years, $’000, obfuscation, delay, and stalling by QPS they reluctantly releaed a redacted copy of the review.

You know, the one they leaked to Channel 7.

And it is clear why they have stalled so long.

More questions than answers.

TIME FOR AN INQUEST (which incidentally QPS also strenuously object to).


In 2009 The Crime & Misconduct Commission (CMC) furnished a report into Allegations of Misconduct by Queensland Police appropriately called Dangerous Liaisons. It is a very interesting and damning but lenghty (140 pages) read. There are many instances of “Removing Prisoners from Custody” discussed. One of the alternate suspects in the murder of Leanne Holland was “removed from custody” on numerous occasions by detectives. Ostensibly, it was to assist with ongoing criminal investigations. This suspect however bragged it was to spend conjugal time with his wife, and “go to the pub”. The detective involved in the Holland murder was then transferred to another police district and the removal of prisoners from custody continued at his next posting. Pages 70 – 82 of ‘Dangerous Liaisons” refer to activities investigated by the CMC relating to that matter where ‘The General’ as he was known had his own locker at the local police station. The  locker was marked “The General”. This man was serving life imprisonment for murder. He would be removed from prison, taken to the police station where he changed his clothes and released into the community for the day. Charges were laid against the detective but dismissed when his diary, which was part of the evidence, went missing. He later resigned from the police before disciplinary charges could be laid.



There has NEVER been a coronial inquest into the death of Leanne Sarah Holland. We believe an Inquest will help identify Leanne’s killer and we ask you to sign the attached petition.

To that end we are petitioning the Queensland Attorney General to order an Inquest into her death. The AG has previously refused applications by Graham Stafford and others to hold an Inquest. She deemed it was ‘not in the public interest’.

It is a requirement by law in Queensland that every unexplained death goes to the coroner. There is an ‘out’, usually where someone is arrested in relation to the death as happened in this case. Graham Stafford’s conviction for her murder was quashed therefore no one has been held accountable.



We recently had the pleasure of having Greg Cary on the Podcast. If you live in Queensland you would definitely know of Greg; and possibly if you live in Australia also. Greg had a career with radio 4BC spanning some 30 years. Whilst on radio he became aware of the Leanne Holland murder. He interviewed many people regarding the murder and subsequent investigation and jailing of Graham Stafford. One of the more notable callers to his radio programme was the jury foreman on the murder trial of Graham Stafford. Greg is releasing his memoir in November 2020 and one of the chapters is devoted to this case.

greg cary memoir



It appears there are some VERY nervous people out there who are extremely upset about our forthcoming podcast. We have received some 30 emails threatening legal action if the podcast proceeds. Most of the comments are too offensive to display here. As the emails are all originating from the below IP addresses we can only conclude there are 2-3 people who are VERY concerned with the matter being put under the microscope in a podcast. These persons have concealed their identity and used false email addresses in their posts.

The contacts are all coming from the following IP addresses:

103.217.166.(240), 103.217.166. (19), 103.217.166.(224)





One email reads:” If you had bothered to read the police review you would know (name deleted) has an air tight alibi.”

The only known persons who have had access to the police review are (very) senior Qld police officers and some staff of Channel 7. As you may or may not know, the police review was illegally and unlawfully leaked to Channel 7 to enable them to use for commercial purposes. However, the Qld Police Service made no effort to investigate the leak. As only a handful of very senior police had access to the review I guess we know why no investigation was commenced.

In many of the other emails, the same unnamed person threatens defamation lawsuits if the podcast proceeds.

One comment that we can report reads as follows:”Dear Graeme just so you know Stafford groped and assaulted several of Leanne’s friends at the rental house in Alice street.”

How does this person know this? No women have come forward and made a complaint against Graham Stafford, to my knowledge. None gave evidence at his trial or in any of the appeals, about this type of conduct. Channel 7 made no mention of it when they broadcast various findings of the review. We have not had access to the police review but we believe Ch 7 would have made a big issue of this allegation if it were contained in the review. Would the Qld Police not investigate Graham Stafford if they had received such allegations? We believe they most certainly would! This case remains a continuing embarrassment to them.

If you are wondering why Graham Stafford nor his solicitors have not seen the police review we can say that the Qld Police have vigorously resisted the review being released for the past 6 years. In October 2019 the matter was finally resolved through the courts that the defence were entitled to receive the review. However, the review is yet to be released.

What is held in the review that the Qld Police found the need to fight so hard to prevent its release. When the review was initially announced, it was going to be transparent and available to all. They found a need to move the goal posts obviously.

I wonder what the REAL reasons are why these anonymous individuals do not want this podcast to proceed? After all, the podcast is only pursuing the truth about Who Killed Leanne Holland and to pressure the Qld Government into holding an inquest into the death of Leanne Holland. An inquest has never been held, despite it being a requirement of law in this state that an inquest be held in a death of this nature.

The podcast will be launching early April 2020.

Stay tuned.