There has NEVER been a coronial inquest into the death of Leanne Sarah Holland. We believe an Inquest will help identify Leanne’s killer and we ask you to sign the attached petition.

To that end we are petitioning the Queensland Attorney General to order an Inquest into her death. The AG has previously refused applications by Graham Stafford and others to hold an Inquest. She deemed it was ‘not in the public interest’.

It is a requirement by law in Queensland that every unexplained death goes to the coroner. There is an ‘out’, usually where someone is arrested in relation to the death as happened in this case. Graham Stafford’s conviction for her murder was quashed therefore no one has been held accountable.



  1. In addition to signing the petition, is there any benefit to Australian citizens writing to the attorney general to inform her that as a member of the public we do believe a coronial inquest is in the public interest?


  2. Leanne deserves resolution and some asshole deserves to pay for their animalistic acts. I don’t care about clearing Stafford, I want the hideous human who did this to be caught and charged. The fact there seems to be no movement to find an alt perpetrator to made accountable for ending her life so cruelly is disgusting.


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