Criminologist Ann McMahon contacted us and offered to work up a profile of the killer. We gladly accepted. We provided her with all the relevant material. She had no prior knowledge of the case. She had no knowledge of the alternate suspects we had discovered.

Here is her report.

profile killer 17 july 2020



4 thoughts on “PROFILE OF A KILLER

  1. Thanks for sharing Graeme.

    A very interesting read. Table 1 on page 2 is very telling. If there was no post mortem injuries you could argue that a person in a fit of rage lashed out at her and killed her within seconds/minutes.
    Then, realising what had happened, panicked and dumped the body….probably feeling physically sick with themselves for what they had done and possibly never having any kind of past criminal record. BUT,
    the post mortem cigarette burns and the bodily mutation tells us this is someone who got a kick out of what they did (form of sadism)…a sick, sick individual and someone who would definitely be involved in other crimes.

    The above certainly does not even come remotely close to representing Graham Stafford.

    Obviously a snatch/grab of Leanne Holland on the busy Goodna street is not realistic…so I’ve always said she ended up going somewhere with a person she was familiar with. Her alcohol in her blood
    tells us the person tried to potentially get her intoxicated and at that point I believe it may have been planned…albeit with not too much thought. Or this could have occurred after the attacker was
    also under the influence of alcohol to satisfy the sick fascination he may have had with Leanne/underage females.

    To me, the obvious suspect is a known one.


  2. Hi Shaun. Thanks for you comment on the profile. Leanne’s blood alcohol was 0.048%. Blood alcohol can be attributed to decomposition up to around 0.15%. This may have been the reason for alcohol being in Leanne’s system.


    1. Thanks Ann. Interesting. And there’s no way to distinguish blood alcohol from decomposition vs alochol?

      I guess regardless if there was alcohol in her system or not, I still think it was likely she was with someone she knew.


  3. I cannot get over the injustice that was served on Graham Stafford, how could he trust anyone with the law,these police need to give their badges back. This poor girl and this monster will harm others girls 💯 whether he kills or abuse’s others is a definite one to do this heinous murder pure evil..and now be a holy man no way! I pray magic happens luck of this monster getting what is fully deserved.


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