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  1. As much as Leanne suffered an horrific death, it is the neglect from those that are to serve and protect being the motto of our police force. I have issues that there are stones unturned and the serving requirement of the oath of being a police officer in this case lacking.

    She might be dead but she matters. This really isn’t about Graham Stafford this is about Leanne, a child and now forever a child because she didn’t get the chance to become a woman.

    She has a chance to get justice, if people do their jobs. Please think if this was your child how would you feel? Would you want every stone inspected? Please find some justice for Leanne so she can rest in peace.


    1. Graeme will you talk to those of us who think Stafford did it? Without prejudice and without bias? Without trashing us as terrible people? Will you? Will you talk to those of us who knew Terry? And understood why he knew Stafford murdered his child? Terry spoke to Leanne the day she was murdered. Leanne was not a liar as you make out. Leanne told her father the truth when she said Stafford would bleach her hair. How can you live with yourself defending this person?! How can you do this?! Destroy a child?! Call her a liar?! Post this comment on your site and I will give you my details and contact number as a matter of good faith. I still live in Goodna, as many of us do


      1. In reply to You Wish –

        It’s frustrating beyond belief that this case is “still up in the air” all these years later. Poor Leanne. I am sure it’s a frustration we all share.

        In regards to your comment “he (Terry) knew Stafford murdered his child”, this simply can’t be true. Terry still spoke to Stafford the days after she went missing. Stafford even drove Terry to the police station. So Terry simply could not have known. This is a fact/statement.

        Yes, Terry’s opinion undoubtedly changed in the weeks/months after her body was discovered. And obviously the police feeding Terry information was the main reason. But Terry didn’t know. It was probably easiest for him to accept that Stafford was the killer…after all, every parent in a horrible scenario like that wants justice.

        I don’t recall the book or podcast calling Leanne a liar. Please share your source of this information. Leanne may very well have told her dad that Stafford was dying her hair…if Terry said this then I’ll take his word. But this does not change anything in regards to the case. I think your post is a little bit harsh I must admit.

        Let us know if you provided your contact details to Graham and if he got in touch.


  2. Getting your information from Julie ******** whose sister was assaulted by ********* is hardly impartial. Thing about ******* is he molested heaps of girls and is a garbage human but murder was not his MO. Modus Operadi. Oh and he passed a polygraph your hero Stafford failed his polygraph. Two things can be true at once. ********* is a pedophile, and Stafford is a pedophile and child killer too.


  3. I am confused about the red dress. Police do not state she was in a red dress. Could you clear this up for me please?


    1. Hi Jeanette, thanks for your query. Sorry, I am not sure about a red dress either. Can you tell me where you heard that? Episode and approx time frame and I will see if I can clear it up. Cheers Graeme


  4. I would like to know.how Stafford car tyre marks were found at the site where Leanne,s body was found. Also when bleaching hair, hair goes through stages depending on the pigment in a persons hair therefore it is not surprising that Leanne hair had red tones. Also I thought I heard the scientific evidence made by the uni say there was blood but was unable to be identified. This podcast does seem more about clearing Stafford name.


  5. I’ve only just started listening to this podcast but I’m already curious of two things. Why the interview with Michael Usher on Channel 7 is not mentioned in your Media links? Also Crowleys comments at the end of that channel 7 interview that there was compelling evidence to the guilt of Stafford?


  6. I’ve only just finished episode 4 so maybe this is a bit premature but I have a question about the blood evidence. It sounds like every single swab tested positive for blood, is this correct? If that’s the case was a control sample performed to confirm the chemical was working correctly? To me it seemed damning that they found blood in the boot but if every single swab came up as positive for blood then suddenly that test doesn’t seem so reliable…


  7. I’ve just finished the podcast and am feeling very emotional. A miscarriage of justice does not adequately sum up this fiasco. Poor Leanne. Poor Graham.
    I feel helpless and angry and it leaves me with mistrust. The possible/probable level of corruption within our police forces and government departments is beyond terrifying. This could happen to anyone!
    A national disgrace.
    I’ve signed the petition. What else can the public do to push for the inquiry and the release of the report?


    1. I have just finished and i agree with you 100 % , I’m thinking of posting the web site on my Facebook page, i have lived in Brisbane since 1984 and was unaware of the full story, i speak to people i know here and none are aware of the story . I hope and suggest Gary Jubilen podcast , i catch killers need to cover this


  8. Hi team, I’m currently listening to episode 4 in your podcast, and I completely agree that Leanne’s story needs to be told so her family can have some kind of closure, what happened to her was terrible.
    However, I will call bullcrap on the comments about different tyre sizes on Mr Stafford’s car. It was not highly unusual to have a set of “fats” on the back of a Holden Gemini in 1991, I know this because as 15yr girl who was heavily into cars in 1991, my then boyfriend had the exact same tyres on his brown Gemini, everyone did. We’d all hang out at the local hoon spot in Redcliffe in 1991, as did many others, with different tyres front & back. As a young man at that time, Mr Stafford’s car was not unusual, it was very common amongst his demographic, young blokes in to cars.
    Look I get that an educated Judge would not know this stuff, and maybe police too, young people that were in to cars back then weren’t the educated type, but I’m a bit curious how no one ever asked anyone, any petrolhead could have told the police the same thing.
    I remember Leanne’s story, it’s completely unfair with no winners for everyone involved, I hope the inquest happens.


  9. I am really shocked & saddened by this case, for both LeeAnne & Graham Stafford, It has been handled dreadfully. QPS did not investigate in an impartial way; for some reason they homed in on Mr Stafford to the exclusion of all other investigative areas.

    From listening to the evidence several thoughts regarding the case present themselves to me
    •“There was a paedophile ring operating in the area which included influential people in the legal profession: •I would suggest that the maggot was planted: •Why was the evidence of the bank teller ignored and why wasn’t LeeAnne’s
    Grandfather not question?
    Juries are not infallible -especially when they are fed biased evidence.

    Queensland justice system should hang their head in shame regarding their refusal to hold a Coronial inquest.

    Sadly Hubris and arrogance abound in many areas preventing justice for both LeeAnne and Graham Stafford


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