It appears there are some VERY nervous people out there who are extremely upset about our forthcoming podcast. We have received some 30 emails threatening legal action if the podcast proceeds. Most of the comments are too offensive to display here. As the emails are all originating from the below IP addresses we can only conclude there are 2-3 people who are VERY concerned with the matter being put under the microscope in a podcast. These persons have concealed their identity and used false email addresses in their posts.

The contacts are all coming from the following IP addresses:

103.217.166.(240), 103.217.166. (19), 103.217.166.(224)





One email reads:” If you had bothered to read the police review you would know (name deleted) has an air tight alibi.”

The only known persons who have had access to the police review are (very) senior Qld police officers and some staff of Channel 7. As you may or may not know, the police review was illegally and unlawfully leaked to Channel 7 to enable them to use for commercial purposes. However, the Qld Police Service made no effort to investigate the leak. As only a handful of very senior police had access to the review I guess we know why no investigation was commenced.

In many of the other emails, the same unnamed person threatens defamation lawsuits if the podcast proceeds.

One comment that we can report reads as follows:”Dear Graeme just so you know Stafford groped and assaulted several of Leanne’s friends at the rental house in Alice street.”

How does this person know this? No women have come forward and made a complaint against Graham Stafford, to my knowledge. None gave evidence at his trial or in any of the appeals, about this type of conduct. Channel 7 made no mention of it when they broadcast various findings of the review. We have not had access to the police review but we believe Ch 7 would have made a big issue of this allegation if it were contained in the review. Would the Qld Police not investigate Graham Stafford if they had received such allegations? We believe they most certainly would! This case remains a continuing embarrassment to them.

If you are wondering why Graham Stafford nor his solicitors have not seen the police review we can say that the Qld Police have vigorously resisted the review being released for the past 6 years. In October 2019 the matter was finally resolved through the courts that the defence were entitled to receive the review. However, the review is yet to be released.

What is held in the review that the Qld Police found the need to fight so hard to prevent its release. When the review was initially announced, it was going to be transparent and available to all. They found a need to move the goal posts obviously.

I wonder what the REAL reasons are why these anonymous individuals do not want this podcast to proceed? After all, the podcast is only pursuing the truth about Who Killed Leanne Holland and to pressure the Qld Government into holding an inquest into the death of Leanne Holland. An inquest has never been held, despite it being a requirement of law in this state that an inquest be held in a death of this nature.

The podcast will be launching early April 2020.

Stay tuned.




  1. I ‘ve known graham(froggy)Stafford since grade5 where we were bullied buy the same people all the way thru to grade 10 at boys grammar a d beyond.I now him as kind and gentle soul. Not for one minute have I ever thought he was guilty…i think the cops framed him to distract from there perceived incompetence after Sharon Phillips disappeared money is on the pedo Phil as they found her body so quickly as if they knew where to look..nothing short of a full apology from
    Qld police can make up for this injustice….bastards


  2. Seems like a sloppy investigation, and cops in to much of a hurry to close the case. Lots of things don’t make sense.

    1. Only “1” maggot found in his boot? If she was in the boot for all that time, enclosed, how would there be maggots at all. Also, was the boot searched after they found the body? Could the magnitude then be transference?

    2. Only a couple of drops of blood in the boot? She sustained terrible facial injuries, wouldn’t there be copious amounts of blood? Apart from a couple of drops in the boot and on the stairs. Also, if she was murdered in the bathroom, wouldn’t there be blood everywhere, which would be evident with luminol?

    He had his conviction overturned in 2009!


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