In June 2016 Graham Stafford wrote to the Queensland Government requesting an inquest be held into the death of Leanne Sarah Holland. An inquest into her death has never been held and it is most unusual in Australia to not hold an inquest into a death, in particular a violent death. In fact, it is law that an inquest be held into ever death. However, there is an opt-out clause of ‘no good purpose’. Stafford’s request was refused, citing not in the public interest, and a reply was received in September 2016 (with an apology for the delay in responding). In April 2017 Graham Stafford again wrote to the Qld Government requesting an inquest into the death of Leanne Sarah Holland. He also raised other concerns. He received a reply on 7 November 2017. On 29 October 2017 a state election was called. According to law, from that time on the sitting government could not make a decision regarding an inquest. Was it deliberate or just incompetence that the matter lay untouched for over six months and did not warrant a reply before that time? During the same time, the AG ordered a second inquest into the 44 year old Whiskey Au Go Go murders, within days of the convictions of two men to some related 1973 murders. Within days of the release of the identity of the killer of Sharron Phillips, the AG ordered an inquest into her death. In 2016 the AG ordered a second inquest into the death of Daniel Morcombe, at the request of the Morcombe family to assess the adequacy of the police response. Assistant police commissioner Mike Condon is facing misconduct allegations over that investigation. It should also be noted Mike Condon was in charge of the police review of the Holland murder. The Qld Government has shown it has the will and the ability to order inquests when it suits their needs. WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO FORCE THE QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT TO HOLD AN INQUEST INTO THE DEATH OF LEANNE SARAH HOLLAND?

Inquest Rejection 2017

Application to Coroner 2016

AG inquest rejection letter 2016







  1. An inquest into the death of Leanne Holland needs to be held, one, to clear the name of Graham Stafford, who spent 15 years of his life in prison for a heinous crime he did not commit.


  2. I will be happy to sign a petition requesting the inquest and if they won’t act why not take it to the Governor of Queensland. If a person is innocent then they have a right to clear their name. As justice is quite often blind and it takes the community to make justice open its eyes to see the truth.


  3. The timing of the response to Graham shows that the current AG is not fit for this role. The AG’s response to all of us who wrote requesting a coronial inquest has been nothing short of a cop out from their office! Either the AG hasn’t bothered to take the time to look into Leanne’s case thoroughly, surely any competent Attorney-General would order an inquest, or their office is totally incompetent. Hopefully, with the upcoming election a more competent Attorney-General will be elected!


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