This week marks the 26th year since the disappearance and murder of Leanne Holland. The Crown alledge she was taken on 23 September 1991. The evidence indicates overwhelmingly she disappeared on 24 September 1991. Defence Lawyers are still seeking the release of the Police Review by appealing to the Queensland Administrative Appeals Tribunal (QCAT). As you may be aware Channel 7 obtained a copy illegally sometime in 2016 and broadcast a program based on some of the content. Despite this, the Qld Police and Qld DPP are desperately fighting its release to Stafford’s legal team. The QCAT hearing has been going for almost 12 months, with the Judge’s decision to be given on a date yet to be announced. The saga continues.

In the interim, and at the request of a number of people, I attach the Police committal proceedings transcript from 2 December 1991. It makes for interesting reading, bearing in mind this was the police case at its strongest. The Trial Transcript will follow soon. It is ironic that the Crown Prosecutor at those proceedings, A V Lakshman later refused to prosecute Graham Stafford at his Supreme Court trial as he did not believe in his guilt. However, that information did not become public for 20 years.

Stafford Police Committal 2 December 1991 at Ipswich Court House


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